My Environmental Project: Creating a Podcast on our Responses to the Climate Crisis

Recently I was able to sit down and record an interview with Max Ellson, one of the leaders at Marches Ecology, based in North Wales, to get his insight and discuss many of the issues that we hear about the climate crisis.  The media has seen a boom over the last 18 months in stories and reports that are voicing an ever-growing concern for the planet, it’s environment and the devastating affects it could have on its inhabitants.  We are hearing more and more now the negative outcomes of single use plastics, fossil fuels, and industry and agricultural practises that are causing global warming.  What I wanted to know is: how much of this information do we need to concern ourselves with?  Do we need to sift through tabloid propaganda to find the scientific truths, and importantly, how do we decide what to do about this information?

I wanted to speak to Max specifically because he is an expert in his field; having advised councils, enterprises and businesses for almost 15 years on practises that would have the best and least damaging outcomes on our planet – I knew if I was to get advice from any authority, it would be Max.  I was lucky enough to be able to ask him some questions on what he thinks communities should get involved with, stemming from his own personal beliefs.  We also spoke about the importance of government agencies and what authorities should be doing to make industries more sustainable, and our ideas for the future, where suitability will be commonplace and plastics and petrol cars will be a thing of the past.  There was also discussion of the ethical dilemmas behind mass population growth, and the practical applications of philosophy when it comes to informed decision making.

There were many reasons for me wanting to do this, but mainly because I want to give a voice to those who have a concrete understanding of the issues revolving around the climate crisis, and have strong personal motives for helping others better understand the environment we better live in.

In short, we covered a lot, so give it’ll definitely be worth giving it a listen if you’re interested.  This is the first time I’ve attempted to do anything like this, and I really enjoyed the process.  If you have any feedback at all – please leave any comments below!

This podcast was recorded as part of an assessment at the University of Gloucestershire.

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